Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Opening Cinematic

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Opening Cinematic


Activision Cancels Guitar Hero Franchise, Hundreds Lose Their Jobs


Not only did Activision kill one of the best and most innovative game franchises of the past ten years, they closed the studios behind the stellar franchise. 500 jobs lost! A mind blowing figure. How could this happen you ask? Well the answer is quite simple really. Activision is a bunch of greedy, money grubbing, sons of bitches over saturated the market with their Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises. According to Wikipedia, from 2005 to 2010 Activison released an astounding sixteen games from the Hero franchise. Sixteen! What responsible company would do that to a franchise? One that is only concerned with squeezing every last ounce of money out of franchise.  Image

This is what the guitar hero franchise looks like now… Thanks Activision

I’ll miss Guitar Hero, Dj Hero, and Rock Band. I just hope this never happens to another beloved franchise. I’m an optimist so I have faith in publishers though. (maybe i’m a bit naive) They’ll learn from Activision’s catastrophic mistake, and never do this again. Right? Right???

Mass Effect 3 Is COMING!!! (soon)


Yes ladies and gentlemen. (but let’s face it, mostly gentlemen) Mass Effect 3 is almost upon us, and to celebrate ME3 and my favorite game series of all time here is an awesome gallery of ME3 images to old you over. Now if you’ll excuse me the ME3 demo is seductively calling my name.


Is Mass Effect 3 better with Kinect?


The answer: Fuck yeah. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a video game if you had three hands? Well wonder no more, because it’s the best thing since jello (because everyone loves Jello). That’s what it feels like to play ME3 with Kinect. Never have I felt so in control and connected to a game. Ordering you squad mates to use their powers and take cover feels amazing, and all you have to do is speak. It’s nothing less than genius, and it’s an experience not to be missed if you consider yourself a fan of Mass Effect or just cool shit in general. So yes, ME3 is indeed better with Kinect.

mAss Effect

mAss Effect

Top Ten Video Game Songs.

This type of top ten list has been done to hell. It’s been done so many times, by so many people, that I almost didn’t want to do it. Well, that still isn’t going to deter me from throwing out my top video game song picks. The following songs are on the list because their awesome, and because out of all the countless video game songs I’ve heard, these have really stuck out in my mind.  Some big names are going to be missing from this list. So if you cant handle that, then go make your own list. This is my opinion. So, here we go


Dr. Doom’s theme from MVC3 is just a really cool song. A lot of people might say it doesn’t fit Doom. I could care less if it does or not. This song just kicks ass. Period.


Velvet Room is the name of this masterpiece, and is a good example of how video game music can broaden your horizons. It so great when a video game can turn you on to music that you never in a million years would think you would ever like. This is a beautiful song, and I hope you enjoy it.


This Piece is the boss theme from Final Fantasy XII and does exactly what its supposed to do. Convey a feeling of “OH SHIT! EPIC BOSS FIGHT TIME!!!!” It does this very well.


This is the end game, you better be ready for this. This song sets the perfect tone for the end of Kingdom Hearts. Epic.


Martin O'(fucking) Donnell. This is the theme for Halo 3: ODST. The Soundtrack is what makes this game. I highly recommend giving the entire soundtrack a listen. Do yourself that favor.


This entire soundtrack is soo underrated. Easily one of the best video game soundtracks ever produced. This game was so far ahead of its time in terms of music. Oh it’s so good.


Another game that in terms of music just blew away everybody else at the time. Stupid Random Fun fact: Only song I ever learned to play on the piano. “Hey baby. Why don’t you sit down, and let me serenade you with a little bit of  Yearnings of the Wind.”  Works every time.


This song is just perfect. Just perfect. It’s so beautiful, almost magical. I could cry just listening to it (I’m so gay). This song is an perfect example of why Nobuo Uemastu is the fucking man.


Mass Effect’s soundtrack fit with everything this game did perfectly. The thing that helped immerse me in this awesome universe so well and for so long was the music. Every time I hear the music I want to play the game. Every time.  This is the only game in history with a perfect soundtrack. Its flawless. For me, this is the best soundtrack ever made. Game or otherwise.


OK, this is hands down the best song ever put in a game. This song is pure win. The game itself was horrible, but the song is a 10/10. If you don’t like this song you don’t have ears or a soul.

If you like this post or hate it let me know. Give me some feedback, and let me know how i’m doing. Thank You!

Gamers Heart Japan

Hey guys. Gamers Heart Japan is a one hour special at It is a very powerful video that features a lot of western developers and major people in the industry talking about why they love Japan. Its a great vid. I recommend to anyone that has ever been touched by Japanese games.

You can watch here.

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