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Mass Effect 3 Is COMING!!! (soon)


Yes ladies and gentlemen. (but let’s face it, mostly gentlemen) Mass Effect 3 is almost upon us, and to celebrate ME3 and my favorite game series of all time here is an awesome gallery of ME3 images to old you over. Now if you’ll excuse me the ME3 demo is seductively calling my name.



Is Mass Effect 3 better with Kinect?


The answer: Fuck yeah. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a video game if you had three hands? Well wonder no more, because it’s the best thing since jello (because everyone loves Jello). That’s what it feels like to play ME3 with Kinect. Never have I felt so in control and connected to a game. Ordering you squad mates to use their powers and take cover feels amazing, and all you have to do is speak. It’s nothing less than genius, and it’s an experience not to be missed if you consider yourself a fan of Mass Effect or just cool shit in general. So yes, ME3 is indeed better with Kinect.

mAss Effect

mAss Effect

Top 10 games of 2011

This is a list of my personal top 10 games of 2011, which is actually a joy to write because of all the top tier games that are coming out this year. I can’t believe I was naive enough to think that 2010 was as good as it was going to get for games this gen. I mean there were so many great triple A titles that came out last year, and a lot of good indie games as well. However 2011 is set to completely eclipse 2010. Which, when you think about it is huge. So without further adieu, here are my top ten games of 2011…


First game up is Brink. Brink is a FPS developed by Splash damage and Published by Bethesda Softworks. Brink is looking to revolutionize FPS games as we know it, by letting you completely customize your in game character (More games need this) and by adding parkour elements to the game play. You can hop jump and run your way through all the the multi player levels.  Any amount of customization and freedom of movement in an fps is a welcomed change.

If you can’t tell from the screenshots the game has a cool art style. My eyes frankly need a rest from all the modern era shooters out there, their all starting to bleed together. Also if you haven’t noticed the game has colors. Seriously, we’re like 6 years into this generation, games need more color in thier art style. No more gun metal grays and ultra modern doo doo brown.


Uncharted 3 is my number 9 because when it comes to making fun, beautiful, and polished games few are better than Naughty Dog.

Not to mention Uncharted’s grab you you by the dick and never let you go story. I just know its going to be good, because you cant fix whats not broken. Uncharted has always been known for its quality, and thats not about to change now.

Did I mention the game has a bad ass old lady as it’s antagonist. In an industry that, lets face it is stagnated with other developers copying and pasting other peoples games, it’s cool to see something a little different. Even if it is just an older female playing a bad guy (or girl…whatever).

Final word? Uncharted 3 is going to be awesome. You know it. I know it. Moving on.


Oh boy! Any other year this would be a lot higher, but like I said 2011 is jammed packed with awesome games. You probably forgot about Bioshock Infinite. This game has been quite since September of last year, an eternity in gamer years. Still fresh as a new born baby Bambi in my mind though. I absolutely cannot wait for this game. I would strangle a homeless man with piano wire to have this game in my hands right now. I can’t tell you about this game, because i’ll just get pissed because I don’t have it yet. So here. If you didn’t know. Now you know.


Hi. This is Cole. He’s just your average neighborhood  freak that can shoot lightening from his fingertips, create cyclones of electricity and fry pedestrians in their skin.  He can also freely roam around an entire city as he pleases.  He can also climb the sides of buildings, telephone poles, jump from roof top to roof top, and surf trains. He can surf TRAINS people, at will. Seriously in Infamous 2 you’re a super hero or anti hero with an entire city as your playground. Need I really say more?


The Gods at Valve have decided to bless us with a game this year.  Maybe you’ve heard of it…

This time with co-op, better puzzles, and a story. Yeah. I came.


Deus Ex Human Revolution is another one of the games that any other year would be number one on my list. God this game just has everything. Lets run down the list shall we? *Ahem* Are you a fan of RPGs? Are you a fan of shooters? Are you a fan of freedom in games? Are you a fan of sci fi? Are you a fan of pretty graphics? Are you a fan of a carefully crafted universe in your game? Are you a fan of Square? ( their the publisher) Are you a fan of anything bad ass? Are you a fan of a guy with two shiny black swiss army knives for arms? Are you a fan of cigarette smoking, scotch and sunglasses at night? Well this is the game for you. Gawd this game is going to be awesome. I would fight a fucking 120 Pound pit bull to have this game right now.


So if you’ve been living under a rock the past 4 years here you go. For the rest of us however, we know mass effect is pretty much the end all be all for sci-fi RPGs. Its not? Then what is? Thats what I thought. The Mass Effect series is a master piece as far as I’m concerned. ME2 disappointed me a little bit, but honestly thats like saying Jesus disappointed you while comparing him to God. Mass Effect is one of those legendary franchises that comes along once a decade. I’m just lucky to be around for it. I get to waste hours of my life ignoring my family and friends while saving the galaxy with my sexy bitch Tali.

I don't know who she is cosplaying as, but she better be in the ME3. I'd play with her all day.


Rage. Sweet, sweet Rage. Some people will call this game a Fallout 3 clone. Those people are stupid. Rage is a first person shooter in it’s truest sense. It’s also a combat racing game. When this game is released, I have no doubt that it will be the best looking console game this gen ( well at least this year). If i’m wrong then i’ll just be pleasantly surprised. ( See what I did there?) Rage will also have RPG elements to it as well, and let me say this loud and clear, every game that has ever been released or will be released would or will be better with some kind of RPG element added to it. Period. Great character animation, fantastic graphics, and fantastic graphics. (I know I said it twice). Did I metion that Rage is developed by ID Software? You know the actual creators of the FPS genre.

So in case you can’t read, or can’t make heads or tails of my perfectly and beautifully written paragraph above. What I’m saying is:Rrage is one of THE games you should own this year, no matter what kind of gamer you are.


Whew! Almost done. OK so, L.A. Noire looks absolutely amazing. This is the game to finally get rid of the uncanny valley. Characters in game will finally act, move, and talk like real human beings. You’re a detective and the only way to decide if a NPC is lying or not is to listen to there tone of voice and read their facial expression. This would have been impossible in any other game before L.A. Noire. The game also has you leveling up through the career of a homicide detective, you start off as a traffic cop which is cool and move all the way up through the ranks.  If you haven’t seen L.A. Noire in action yet the you need to see how freaky real these characters act for yourself.

L.A. Noire, while i’m excited about the game itself. It really gets me excited about the future of games in general.


SKYRIM BITCH!!! You mad?

OK. Picture Oblivion, with all it’s unparalleled depth and fantastic world. OK. You picture it? Now picture it with good graphics and good animation as well. Oblivion already had all it needed with nice game play, characters, story, world, sense of scale, the crazy amount of content (I mean that literally. They are crazy. There is so much in that game not even including DLC). I always said oblivion would be the greatest game ever made if it wasn’t ugly. So here we are with Skyrim. The game that tops the list of  all these juggernauts of 2011. If you disagree with me thats fine, feel free to let me know.

Runners up.

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