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Why Does No One Remember This Game?

Evil Zone is a 3D fighting game released for the PlayStation in 1999. This game is special because it only uses two main buttons for combat, attack and block. It seems silly at first that a fighting game would only have two buttons. Well, that goes out the window when you play it and see for yourself the genius way this is executed in game.

Another way this game is different is the way you play through the games story mode. You start by selecting one of the ten playable characters, and go through their story as if it were an anime. You start with an opening and introduction, and before each fight you have a cut scene. Then after the fight you have a preview of the next episode (fight) which is narrated by your character.

All the characters are cool and  have a fully fleshed out history that you can read after you beat the game with that character, even the boss character, which is rare in games nowadays. Oh yeah and did I mention great music.

Heres some gameplay 1:57 is that anime preview stuff i was talking about.

So thats evil zone. I would love to see a remake to this. It’s not the best fighter but its defiantly fun, unique and truly different.


Best Video Game Opening Ever?

The answer:


The year was 1999. I was 10 years old and visiting my uncle’s house. He was the only adult in my family with a PlayStation, and he had just got Ridge Racer 4. He popped this bad boy in and I was immediately memorized by the amazing (at the time) CG animation and great music (I wasn’t even old enough to appreciate good music) of this opening. Damn even now I see this and I get so nostalgic and sing along like an idiot. After he got a PS2 he gave me R4 and his PlayStation (I was too poor to afford one). Still to this day the only racing game I have ever truly liked.

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