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Activision Cancels Guitar Hero Franchise, Hundreds Lose Their Jobs


Not only did Activision kill one of the best and most innovative game franchises of the past ten years, they closed the studios behind the stellar franchise. 500 jobs lost! A mind blowing figure. How could this happen you ask? Well the answer is quite simple really. Activision is a bunch of greedy, money grubbing, sons of bitches over saturated the market with their Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises. According to Wikipedia, from 2005 to 2010 Activison released an astounding sixteen games from the Hero franchise. Sixteen! What responsible company would do that to a franchise? One that is only concerned with squeezing every last ounce of money out of franchise.  Image

This is what the guitar hero franchise looks like now… Thanks Activision

I’ll miss Guitar Hero, Dj Hero, and Rock Band. I just hope this never happens to another beloved franchise. I’m an optimist so I have faith in publishers though. (maybe i’m a bit naive) They’ll learn from Activision’s catastrophic mistake, and never do this again. Right? Right???

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